NURTURE COMMITTEE (caring for the family)

We nurture one another, and we care for one another. We laugh together, and we cry together. In all, we extend               the very heart of God to those in the community of faith. Areas of ministry under the Nurturing umbrella                           include:  Hospitality, Potlucks, Fellowship Activities, Meal Ministry,  Prayer Team, and Hospital Visitation.

To help with Hospital Visitation, sign-up here:

To help with Homebound Communion, sign-up here:

To help with the Cookie Ministry, sign up here:

Contact Lesley Bauders, Nurture Chair, for more information.

OUTREACH / MISSION COMMITTEE  (caring for the world)

The Outreach Committee’s mission is to continuously reach out our hands to extend the love of God into our local community and beyond in many ways.   Our work begins and ends with evangelism.  We coordinate, plan, carry out, and evaluate the congregation’s  ministry of missions (local and global), health and welfare, and opportunities for outreach and care for our neighbors.

  WITNESS COMMITTEE  (growing in discipleship)

This committee helps provide leadership so that people grow in their spiritual life and live as Christian disciples in the community. This group will work with other leaders to plan and implement ministries that help the church fulfill its mission.