Reading is a great way to enjoy any weather — cold, hot, or ideal.  Every other Sunday, we will bring two book carts over to the sanctuary for your convenience.   You can check out the books for a period of three weeks—longer if you let us know.  If there is a particular book or author that you like, we will try to have it on the cart.  You can, of course, come to the library where the selection will be much greater.  The library is located in Room 222 in the Education Building.

On Sunday mornings the library is open after the first service until Sunday School begins and a between Sunday School and the second service.   If anyone is willing to volunteer to work in the library on Sunday mornings we will be happy to have it open anytime we have someone to work.  During the week the library is usually open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings between 9:00 and 11:00. To be sure someone is in or to find out if we have the book you are looking for, call the library directly at 870-336-0654.  Follow us on Twitter  CUMCLibrary@CUMChLibrary.   Check out CUMC Library on  Pinterest.Susan Shelton


Nonfiction: What I Learned Since I Knew It All by Todd Clements, M.D.
Dr. Todd Clements and Dr. Paul Meier have learned a lot from their thousands of combined hours in counseling patients, as well as from their own life experiences. And now they’ve joined forces in this book to share twelve fundamental truths—truths that we often overlook as we journey through life. Yet following these simple ideas will help us to embark on healthy, satisfied lives at work, at home, and at play.

Christian Fiction: A Steadfast Surrender by Nancy Moser
Welcome to Steadfast, Kansas, Population: 3,386. A town with down-home values, a fierce gossip grapevine, and a kindly library ghost. Claire Adams is a wealthy mosaic artist from Kansas City who’s on the edge of famous—until she feels called to abandon her cushy life and her art and start over. Everyone thinks she’s crazy. What will an eager, purpose-seeking city woman do in tiny Steadfast? Sim is a runaway orphan with an attitude and a nose ring. Steadfast has never met a girl quite like Sim, and honestly, they don’t know what to do with her. Should they turn her in to the authorities? Or is everything she says about her aunt and uncle true?

Fiction: Bitter River by Julia Keller
Phone calls before dawn are never good news; especially when you’re the county’s prosecuting attorney. So Bell Elkins already knows she won’t like what she’s about to hear, but she’s still not prepared for this: sixteen-year-old Lucinda Trimble’s body has been found at the bottom of Bitter River. And Lucinda didn’t drown—she was dead before her body ever hit the water.